Hassan Haghighi


12 octobre 2023, 14.00
Salle des commissions
Campus St. Jérôme

Path Planning According to the Fault Tolerance and Modeling. Application in: Autonomous Emergency Landing for Aircraft

 In the field of controlling complex systems, a key focus is on developing strategies to handle technical, dynamic, structural defects, and faults. This study analyzes equation stability and state-space structure changes to identify stable system poles despite the presence of defects. Additionally, it employs Dubin’s equations to swiftly devise emergency landing routes. To implement in a case study project, we construct sample sets of stable poles for the system according to the defects and calculate corresponding path as admissible set. From these samples, we design a path planning system to select specific points. Our concept integrates Dubin’s path for emergency landings, enabling an optimization system to choose from admissible stable routes.