ZhiWu Li (Xidian University, China)

ZhiWu Li
Xidian University


21 Juin 2018, 15.30
salle des commissions, bât Polytech
Campus de St. Jérôme


Deadlock Analysis and Control of Resource Allocation Systems: Structural and Reachability Graph Approaches

This talk exposes the recent advances of deadlock problems in resource
allocation systems using Petri nets. The pertinent methodologies are
categorized by structural analysis and reachability graph analysis
techniques. The former, without enumerating the reachable states of a
system, utilize structural objects to derive a liveness-enforcing
supervisor, while its structure can be compact. The latter can usually
lead to an optimal supervisor with a minimal control structure subject
to a full state enumeration and solution to integer linear programming
problems. Open issues in this area are outlined.